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Mariahilferstrasse 105, 1060 Wien - Parken +43 676 924 6333 Landstrasse 70, 4020 Linz +43 732 772 848

Please consider the following health and safety guidelines. Last updated: 18 March 2020

We currently only accept appointments confirmed over the phone, and will not accept walk-in patients for your own safety.

• Should you have been in touch with infected people, we ask you not to enter the dental practise
• Should you have flu-like symptoms or not sure about your current health status, we also kindly ask you to remain at home and immediately call the COVID 19 Number 1450
• When entering the dental practise, please follow the instructions of our staff
• We only allow two patients in our waiting room, all other patients will have to wait outside the practise
• We do not allow patients to be accompanied by anyone as they will not be let into the practise
• Please brush your tooth only at home
• We provide soap and hand-sanitiser to wash your hands (min. 30 seconds) at the entrance of the practise
• Please do not shake hands and maintain a social distance of minimum 1m
• Should you have removed your dentures, aligners or braces yourself, please inform our staff so that they can disinfect their hands

Questions about removable braces (Aligner, transparent retainer, child-braces):

As broadly communicated by media to not touch your face with your hands (the virus transmits by aerosols, the mucus membrane and body fluids) we please ask you to:

Only remove or re-attach braces and removable aligners with absolutely clean hands (Disinfection guidelines: 30 seconds hand-wash with soap). As many of you will follow the STAY HOME guidelines, you should be able to follow the guidelines associated with wearing your braces and aligners.

Should you not be able to wear your aligner for 22 hours a day, we kindly ask you to keep on wearing them throughout the night (aligner switch every 6 weeks, with Orthopuls application every 3 weeks) and as soon as possible under the current circumstances, book an appointment with us in the near future.

Kids Treatment

We alway try to create a special atmosphere for our youngest clients.  Due to the COVID-19 Safety Measures we have to wear special protection masks, shields and clothes which for many kids look very intimidating (above all for kids who visit us for the first time).

So we kindly ask the parents to schedule appointments just in case of PAIN oder EMERGENCIES to avoid unnecessary visits and to make the dental experience as good as possible during the recent circumstances.

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