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What is a plastic filling?

Resin (also called composite) offers the advantage of being quick and esthetically flawless because it can be used in tooth shades. A composite filling is designed directly in the mouth. Depending on the effort involved, very natural results can be achieved with multilayer plastic fillings, which are in no way inferior to ceramic restorations. Especially when it comes to broken front tooth corners and their restoration. The advantage also lies in the immediate restoration of the tooth.

What can be done with plastic fillings ?

In principle, almost any loss of tooth structure can be replaced with composite. However, in the case of complete crown loss and very large tooth damage, additional anchoring mechanisms are required. For esthetic-functional reasons, however, technical work such as crowns or inlays is always recommended for such damage. (see here).

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Broken corner on the anterior incisor

Eckzahnaufbau aus Kunststoff

After multilayer structure with plastic materials

Eckzahnaufbau aus Kunststoff

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