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First visit to the dentist

When first visit to the dentist child ?

The first visit with the child to the pediatric dentist should be not should only take place when the first "caries devils" are already visible. Ideally, you should visit a dentist with your child around the age of 2 or 3. The main thing here is to get to know the child for the first time, because if the first visit involves intensive dental treatment, this could leave an unpleasant impression.

Behavior of parents before the first visit to the dentist with the child ?

It is much more pleasant for everyone involved if there are no complaints at the first visit to the dentist. This way, your child can get to know our office and the procedure at the dentist and go home with a positive first impression. It would also be helpful to have a Children's oral hygiene To make an appointment. To get to know a first "working in the mouth". The important thing is: Expectations that are too high should be scaled back. If an anxious child at the first visit to the dentist is already alone opens his mouth is a great success. Terms like "you don't need to be afraid", "injection" and "pulling a tooth" should be avoided as much as possible. The first visit to the dentist is always exciting and for some families almost a family event. Nevertheless, we ask that only a small number of family members come along to the first visit to the dentist.

Behavior of parents before the first dental TREATMENT of the child.

It is not recommended to give the children before the first Pediatric dental treatment Promising huge rewards (we've even had laptops on offer from parents). This tends to cause skepticism in children, because they then want to know exactly why they have to be brave at the dentist. Phrases like "This won't hurt" or - as already mentioned -" You don't need to be afraid" should be avoided at all costs.


If anesthesia is necessary, these are the "dream balls" and the tooth is put "to sleep". Fantasy language and stories around the caries devil facilitate treatment of the childrenthe. After that, there is also always a small gift as a reward.

With these positive new impressions, together we lay the foundation for regular visits and thus for your children's healthy teeth. 

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