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Dental care starts at home:

In a nutshell: brushing your teeth for 2 minutes twice a day is a good way to preserve your teeth for a long time. However, without cleaning the interdental spaces with special aids such as dental floss or interdental brushes, a large proportion of the tooth surfaces remain at the mercy of the harmful effects of plaque bacteria. We are also happy to advise you on the selection of a suitable toothbrush, whether manual, sonic or oscillating (these are electric toothbrushes with strongly moving brush heads).

Changing toothbrushes more frequently (ideally every 6 weeks) is also one of the measures to maintain long-term oral health. Old brushes are full of microorganisms that massively counteract the healing of gum disease.

Cleaning the back of the tongue with a suitable tongue cleaner is also recommended for existing infections (colds, tonsillitis or rickets), as many germs are found on the surface of the tongue.

When selecting a suitable toothpaste, ensure that it contains sufficient fluoride: Use toothpaste with 1,400 ppm fluoride (for adults) for children see information: here.

Home oral hygiene:

Not all plaque can be combated by home oral hygiene alone. Bacteria found in deeper gum pockets or in hard-to-reach places should be removed once or twice a year with professional oral hygiene to keep the teeth and periodontium healthy. Bleeding gums when brushing teeth is the first sign that certain brushing deficiencies exist. If these are ignored, the inflammation of the gums (so-called gingivitis) progresses to the more severe form, periodontitis, in which the bone around the tooth is also attacked by the bacteria. The consequences are mobile teeth and even tooth loss.

For further questions concerning home oral hygiene or professional hygiene simply use our contact form, call or use the possibility of booking an online appointment .

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