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Inlay Kronen ohne Abdruck
Inlay Kronen ohne Abdruck

Crowns, inlays, bridges without impression! How can this work ?
Thanks to a special intraoral camera. With this, all-ceramic crowns and inlays can be fabricated computer-assisted, without the hassle of taking impressions.

How does it work:
The tooth to be restored is cleaned of caries or the old filling as usual and ground for the subsequent crown/inlay. With the help of a special camera, a 3D image (intraoral scan) of the tooth to be restored and the opposing teeth in the mouth is taken. Based on this computer image, crowns or inlays can then be designed on the computer WITHOUT an impression.

All-ceramic crown/inlay without impression in only one session
These preferably all-ceramic restorations can then be fabricated and placed in the mouth in just one appointment using a special milling unit (Cerec /Sirona). In most cases, a second appointment is no longer necessary:

1) Patient comes
2) The tooth is cleaned/ground
3) From this situation, an image (intraoral scan) of the tooth to be restored is taken in a short time and the correct tooth shade is selected. WITHOUT impression !
4) The crown/inlay/bridge is designed on the computer.
5) The Cerec milling unit produces the finished restoration from all-ceramic in the previously selected shade.
6) The restoration is tried in, adjusted and immediately used after a short finishing process.

For further questions on this topic, simply use our contact form, call or use the opportunity to make an appointment in the Ordination online (consultation inlay/crown) to book. Our team is waiting for you for a free consultation!

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