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Crowns made of full ceramics or veneered with ceramics - when a little more tooth substance has already been lost that cannot be replaced by conventional fillings. In this case, the existing tooth is ground down to create sufficient space for the subsequent crown restoration. After taking the impression, choosing the exact color and making the model, the crowns are made in the laboratory and then cemented by us. Depending on the tooth, the visible position in the mouth and the aesthetic requirements, two types of crowns can be distinguished:

Metal ceramic crown: As the name suggests, the inner coping is made of metal that is veneered with a special ceramic.

Full ceramic crown: Here the coping is also made of ceramic, especially in the visible tooth area (anterior teeth) these crowns offer a significant aesthetic advantage, as they can be made even more natural than comparable metal-ceramic crowns.

Full ceramic crown

Metal ceramic crown

Full and metal-ceramic crowns

Full ceramic crown

Metal ceramic crown

Crown with pin abutment: If, due to a carious defect, only very little of the tooth crown is left or only the tooth root remains, a so-called post is required as an additional anchorage for the crown, which - not to be confused with the implant, which is anchored in the toothless bone - is placed inside the root. This post abutment can only be placed in the tooth that has already been root-treated (see picture below).

The so-called pen can individual be cast from a gold alloy or assembled (if a little more of the dental crown is still available as an additional anchorage) can be used as a so-called glass fiber post. This abutment is then milled and molded in order to have a full or metal-ceramic crown fabricated, depending on the esthetic requirements.

Preparation (excavation) for the pin impression

Pin cemented in

Ceramic crown inserted

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