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What to do when a tooth is missing ?

Basically, depending on the patient's wishes, there is the possibility of an orthodontic gap closure or the replacement of the tooth by means of an implant, fixed bridge restoration or removable prosthesis.

orthodontic gap closure:

In this process, the teeth are Braces Orthodontic gap closure is recommended especially for patients with large crowding, where the lack of space is compensated with the tooth gap. However, in the case of large gaps, a relatively long treatment period is to be expected, and only with some aids can undesirable tooth tilting be avoided.
For more information about your dental situation and options, we will be happy to advise you. Please simply make an appointment: here

Fixed bridge restoration

The teeth next to the gap are ground down (tooth substance removed) to make room for the cementation of a ceramic or metal-ceramic bridge. If there is not enough bone available for an implant and the effort of bone augmentation is too great for the patient, the last option for fixed dentures is the so-called bridge restoration. For more information see: here.


When it comes to the quick replacement of a single tooth of an otherwise straight arch, the single tooth implant is the method of choice. This is a titanium screw (other materials such as ceramics are now available) that is screwed into the bone. The prerequisite for this is that the bone has healed well after the extraction of the tooth, and the bone supply is sufficient.

What are dental implants ?

Dental implants are used to replace one or more teeth or entire rows of teeth. This requires a surgical procedure in which the implants are placed in the bone. After a certain healing period, the restoration in the form of a crown, bridge or an entire upper or lower jaw is screwed or cemented onto it.

For more information on the procedure and questions about implant treatments with DDr. Felix Wick, see here.

In our ordination in Vienna is for dental implants (DDr. Felix Wick). responsible, in the ordination Linz Dr. Rudolf Matheis.

(DDr. Felix Wick).

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