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Orthodontitreatment of open bite

Modified SATO method

With the classical braces treatment according to Sato, difficult to treat malocclusions such as open bite, or strong forward or backward bite can be treated quite effectively with the use of a special wire and good cooperation (see picture gallery ).

This method is named after Prof. Sadao Sato from Japan and has already saved the lives of many patients with serious deformities. surgical intervention spared.

For the treatment of an open bite, we have applied the idea of the Sato method to the modern treatment with invisible braces transferred. This means the elimination of the umpteen bent wire (MEAW- Multiloop Edgewise Appliance or loop wire) but still requires the consistent use of so-called elastics, which must be clamped between the upper or lower jaw in addition to the invisible splints.

This results in a so-called chewing plane tilt, which causes a shift of the lower jaw to the upper jaw, and thus leads to a correction of the jaw malposition. A large profile change, as is often typical in surgical-orthodontic cases, only takes place to a very limited extent and must be assessed individually. However, for patients who want an aesthetic profile or facial change, an oral and maxillofacial surgery is recommended in addition to the shaping of the dental arches with braces.

A prerequisite for the treatment of open bite with invisible splints is the removal of wisdom teeth and perfect cooperationTreatment open bite with invisible bracesTreatment open bite . During the change of the jaw position, muscular changes can often occur that make additional physiotherapy useful.

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