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Faster treatment with Orthopuls

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Light accelerated Orthdodontics - Accelerated Orthodontics

By using this acceleration device for 10 minutes a day, the total treatment time of invisible and fixed braces can be reduced. A special infrared light wave stimulates bone remodeling: the so-called photobiomodulation.

In the case of invisible splint treatments, the wearing time is halved (5-7 instead of 14d per splint wearing time) and also in the case of fixed braces treatment, tooth adjustments can be noticed more quickly.

Painful pressure sensations after splint or wire changes are reduced to a minimum by using the appliance.

The success of the therapy can be easily tracked using a special app.

We will gladly inform you about the exact application.

Software download for Orthopulse patients: Download the app for your smartphone. Available for iOS and Android!

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