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The First treatment - invisible braces for children under 10 years of age

Clear braces

This is a transparent orthodontic splint treatment for children with mixed dentition. This offers an efficient alternative to removable, night-worn braces. The decisive factor for invisible braces for children is the number of (visible) permanent teeth that have already erupted. For this purpose, no more impressions are made but with the help of an Intraoral scans images of the dental arches are created. This allows a virtual 3D planning to be created.

Braces without impression
Intraoral scan

On the basis of this computer simulation (see invisible or clear braces), the expected tooth movements can be illustrated. The advantage over conventional removable braces is that individual teeth and tooth groups can be adjusted in a more individual and targeted manner. This is especially true for crowding or gaps in the anterior region. Due to the daily wearing time of the transparent braces of 22 hours, improvements of the tooth positions are noticeable more quickly. This is possible because the braces fit closely to the teeth and do not cover the palate. Thus, speech is not affected and the splints can also be worn during school hours.

FAQ topic invisible braces for children:

Invisible braces for children
Invisible braces for children up to 10 years old

In principle, the age of the teeth is decisive. But as a good guideline, the start of treatment is before the age of 10. In addition, at least 2 permanent anterior teeth per jaw and the permanent molar (6th year molar) should be visible in the mouth.

Unlike the removable appliances worn at night, the invisible splints for children can be worn all day. This means they are only removed from the mouth for eating. Due to the permanent pressure on the teeth, a better individual adjustment of the teeth can be guaranteed. This means that success is seen more quickly, especially in the case of crowding or large gaps in the anterior region.

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