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An invisible (better translucent) brace for teeangers or splints/aligner therapy. is suitable for young people whose permanent teeth have broken through completely or partially. For example, if a canine tooth is not yet fully aligned or if the teeth are very crowded or missing, but also if there are gaps. The main advantage over fixed braces is better oral hygiene and fewer complications (no stinging wires or loss of brackets). These invisible braces are designed for the special needs and habits of teenagers.


The invisible braces for teenagers also offer independence during planned stays abroad (for school or work reasons, e.g. semester abroad) or other changes such as the start of training/studies. There is no need to worry about loose brackets and other typical complications of the fixed braces to be reckoned with. The splints are simply provided for a certain period of time. You can plan in advance if ASR or attachment changes need to be made ( see LINK invisible braces for detailed explanations). This will make it possible to move smoothly into the new phase of life without being restricted by the braces.

  • better oral hygiene
  • Fewer complications
  • Aesthetic advantage
  • Independence during semesters / stays abroad or start of training / studies
Difference from invisible braces for adults:

Special blue color indicators show how long the aligners (splints) have really been worn, because without perfect cooperation, even the most invisible splints can have no effect. For more information about the procedure, see the link invisible braces.

For further questions about the invisible splint therapy simply use our contact form, call or use the possibility of a Appointment in the ordination online to book. Our team is waiting for you for a free consultation!

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