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For children and adolescents there are the following options of orthodontic treatment:

Beginning 8.5 years

9,5 years

10.5 years

11,5 years

Follow up 14 years

Follow up 14 years

Removable braces - (also known as night braces) with these braces, tooth and jaw misalignments can be corrected at an early stage, supported by natural growth. Habits such as thumb-sucking or tongue-pressing can, if recognized and eliminated at an early stage, resolve or prevent malocclusions. Correct breathing and the position of the tongue also play an important role. Together with a Speech therapists and so-called myofunctional exercises, such malfunctions can be weaned off. Removable braces should be started before the age of 10 and are worn mainly at night.

Invisible splint therapy, invisible braces – now also for children (first-treatment) and teenagers who are not completely satisfied with their smile, this method is a completely new way of teeth straightening without the aesthetic disadvantages of fixed treatment. These transparent splints (aligners) are now a very effective tool for adjusting teeth even for children up to the age of 10.

 The main advantage is that oral hygiene is easier than with fixed appliances. Compared to the classic removable braces, the advantage of these braces is that due to the permanent light pressure on the teeth (because they are worn all day), visible changes in the position of the teeth can be noticed more quickly. Learn more here.

Fixed braces - with brackets and wires, as many teenagers are now wearing. You can learn more about this athe Visible braces

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